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- H - Schritte in schwarzen Räumen | Diego Tortelli & Miria Wurm

9. Juli 2023

- H -Schritte in schwarzen Räumen pays tribute to one of the greats of German choreography:
Raimund Hoghe.
Fascinated by his unique and clear aesthetics and expressions, Tortelli & Wurm themselves go into his created black spaces to explore them for themselves in memory of him, always keeping in mind this iconic perspective that lets the detail speak for a whole, and following his motto: throw your own body into the fight!

Totelli, for years working only as a choreographer, returns his very knowing dancer's body on stage, or in this case in front of the camera, to use as a quote also the one given by his dramaturg. Always undercut and commented by the idiosyncratic sound language of AGF/poemprdoducer.

More Information can be found here:

Tortelli & Wurm_- H - Schritte in schwarzen Räumen_PM
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