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2xGETANZT 2024 | arcis_collective

22. Apr. 2024

"2xGETANZT" - the arcis_collective's new experimental concert format enters the next round. Two choreographers work independently with two dancers to create a 20-minute choreography to the music of the Arcis Saxophone Quartet. On April 22 and 23 at schwere reiter

The music remains the same in both cases and everyone must adhere to these rules:

1. the choreographers have only 5 days to create.

2. the music is the same for both choreographies

3. the music will only be delivered 5 days before the start of rehearsals

4. the musicians are part of the scene

5. props and costumes are only what can be found.

Both choreographies are performed one after the other so that the audience can experience how differently the creative brains of the choreographers tick. During the discussion, the audience will gain an insight into the motivations behind the respective artistic decisions.

More Information and Tickets:

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