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19. Apr. 2024

The symposium explores the potential of dance and performance to take a critical stance on stereotypes and demands surrounding age(ing). The program includes a lecture performance, a panel discussion and workshops on the visibility and sensuality of the ageing body. The symposium is aimed at interested people 55+ with and without dance experience as well as cultural professionals. On April 19 at the HochX Theater and Live Art

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11:00 a.m. Lecture-performance with Miriam Haller (kubia - Competence Center for Cultural Education in Old Age and Inclusive Culture) and Lisa Thomas (choreographer and performer 60+): In a performative concept stretching from cultural studies research on ageing, central concepts are clarified, stretched and strengthened.

12:00 pm Panel discussion with Miriam Haller, Lisa Thomas and performers from the ensembles 60+, moderated by Ulrike Woerner.

14:00 Workshop BeobAchtung!, Stephanie Felber and Andrea Marton - moving_SpAcesIn this workshop we negotiate the visibility of our (ageing) bodies between public and private spaces. Using movement and video cameras, we will deal with hiding, concealing and at the same time with the possibility of making visible.

14:00 Workshop Sensuality and Improvisation, Lisa Thomas (Altentanztheater Zartbitter)Lisa Thomas encourages us to see the experience and presentation of our own physicality as art in space. Sensuality is experienced through the conscious, humorous and playful exploration and exploitation of one's own physical possibilities.

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