Elefant aus dem Ei | Ceren Oran

28. Nov. 2022

A piece for young audiences. 28. - 30. November 2022 at Kulturhaus Neuperlach

Elefant aus dem Ei deals with growing up and development, with change and with the friendships that make the impossible possible.

Dance, puppetry and live music are the essence of this dance theatre piece. Four performers accompany an elephant through his life as he continuously go trough new challenges. The percussion and the transverse flute, the rhythm of life and melodies melodies, lead the young audience into a fantasy world where an elephant hatches from an egg and dreams can fly.

Two musicians and a dancer are are with the elephant from day one, elephant's side from day one and support him in his infancy, playing with him as he gets older and finally leaning on him as he towers over them. They grow together with him, in a sense of understanding and being understood. "Elefant aus dem Ei" is about growing up and dealing with change, showing the friendships that make the impossible possible.

The piece is about coming and passing, about the change of life and is deliberately associative. The audience can spend wonderful times with PÉO and it is up to the (young) viewers to decide whether PÉO leaves for real in the end or if he is hiding again, like he always does. However, it is a fact that each life, each togetherness comes to an end. Death is understood and shown in the piece as a transformation. Elefant aus dem Ei shows this in a very poetic manner – projected tree graphics which change constantly throughout the piece created by Christoph Gredler impressively complement the dance theatre piece.

"Dance theatre allows us to open up associative spaces, we can do magic - we find great pleasure in dancing with PÉO, making music and we provide the audience with a platform for its own life", says Ceren Oran, who loves theatre for the youngest ones as they are the most honest and most intuitive audience which must again and again be delighted.

Elefant aus dem Ei shall reach as many young people as possible which is why the team can perform not only in theatre spaces, but also in cultural centres or kindergartens (with large rooms – see technical details). The piece is ready for national and international touring. The language of music and dance, of friendship and togetherness is globally understood.

Art direction, choreography, dance: Ceren Oran

Choreography, puppetry and puppetry design: Roni Sagi

Music and vocals: Tuncay Acar, Magdalena Kriss

Illustration: Christoph Gredler

Dramaturgy: Susanne Lipinski

Production management: TANZBÜRO MÜNCHEN

PR management: Knoll PR

More Information: https://www.cerenoran.com/elefant-aus-dem-ei