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Gathering | Playground Anna Konjetzky

28. März 2023

"Gatherings" is the generic term for quite different actions such as lectures, discussions, readings, films and other forms that live from the input of an invited guest. The guest input is framed by activities of the Playground team to provide another space for dialogue and exchange. The "Gatherings" revolve around the themes of Care, Alliances, Queerness and Connection as a continuation and connection to Anna Konjetzky "Nomadic Academy" and will take place every two months at the Playground.

The next Gathering will be with the musician Eric Thielemans who has not just a long and rich experience on musical collaborations, but has also recently published On Resonance: Scores, Notes and Conversations.

We all have a body through which we sense the world around us. One could see our bodies as vessels, spaceships, that allow us to explore a vast variety of modes of being.

Resonance is a culmination of my life in and with music, wherein I explored and continue to do so, the many embodied ways in which we connect ourselves to both our inner field of experience, and the outer world in which we exist.

How to partake in this symphony of being, this dance of molecules that is

happening inside and outside of us? Does it not at least sometimes makes you truly wonder whether there is such a clear separation between our so-called inner being and what exists ‘out there’?

This book puts experience first. Experience makes us human. We know some thing is there, because we experience it.

28. March 2023, 19.00 CET

Playground Anna Konjetzky,

Dachauer Str. 112d, Munich

The GATHERING will mainly happen in English, and is with free entry, but with limited capacity so please register under

More information on the Gatherings can be found here:

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