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HUABUN | ZINADA (Jin Lee & Jihun Choi)

30. März 2023

The South Korean choreographer and dancer duo Zinada (Jin Lee and Jihun Choi) present their debut production HUABUN (Korean for "potted plant"). The 40-minute solo dance theater performance in three chapters deals with a very current and personal topic for the two artists: what does it mean to put down roots in a new environment and build a life for oneself. HUABUN intertwines human and plant existence in terms of content and choreography.

Potted plants are removed from their natural habitat and placed in a completely new environment. They leave the place where they first took root to become 'settled' anew. Not only do people exchange one place, one city for another, but the older we get, the more our experiences change. We transplant ourselves into a new environment, locally, socially, politically, socially, aesthetically. We are constantly confronted with "moves" and as a result experience feelings of unfamiliarity, anxiety, and the need to adapt.

How can we find our own way under external constraints?

How can we turn the inevitable journey into a creative path?

Zinada developed the movement vocabulary for HUABUN based on the book "The Intelligence of Plants" by Stefano Mancuso and Alessandra Viola. Unlike the five human senses, plants use a whole 20 with which they communicate with each other, adapt, analyze their environment and even defend themselves. HUABUN dancefully tells a story of human life through a movement vocabulary inspired by the vegetable.

Jin Lee (South Korea, 1993) is a performer and choreographer. She received a diploma in dance from SEAD Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (AT, 2019) and a Bachelor of Dance from Dongduck Women's University (KR, 2016). She graduated with the highest grade.

As a dancer, she has worked with Milla Koistinen (Terrain, 2021; Magenta Haze, 2022), Ceren Oran (Who is Ms. Troffea?, 2019; Schön Anders, 2019, The Urge, 2021; Flying Words, 2021, Relationshifts 2022), Django Bates (Babel, 2022), Georges Maikel (My cat is a unicorn, 2021), Jasmine Ellis (Is Susan Lonely? 2020), Pilgyun Jeong (Story, 2020), Eulalia Ayguade Farro (Entredos, 2019), Ingri Fiksdal (Diorama, 2019), Rotem Weissman (BAUHAUS, 2018; Weed, 2019), Julyen Hamilton (Collecting Water, 2018), and Heidi Weiss (2017). As the 2019 choreographer.

"Weed" co-created with Rotem Weissman.

Jihun Choi (South Korea, 1990) is a dancer, choreographer, stage manager, and contemporary dance teacher. He received a Bachelor of Dance (2015) and a Master of Fine Arts (2018) from Sejong University (KR), where he is currently pursuing a PhD in Modern Dance. As a dancer, he has worked with Ceren Oran (The Urge, 2021; Flying Words, 2022), Django Bates (Babel, 2022), Rebekka Böhme (FREMD.ARTING, 2022), Hyungnam Kim (Running, 2020), Pilgyun Jeong (Story, 2020), Janghyun Ryu (I Don't Want to Die, 2018), Hyunkyung Lee (Weight, 2018), Wonmin Shin (Breath, 2017), among others. As a choreographer, he created "3 Idiots" (2018) and "Move Gallery" (2018), which were performed in South Korea, and co-created "Movement" (2019) with Gyujin Kim, which was performed at Seongnam Arts Center (KR).

Performance: Jin LeeChoreography: ZINADA (Jin Lee, Jihun Choi)

Music: Benny Omerzell

Dramaturge: Jin Young Won

Costume design: Soli Jang

Lighting design: Rainer Ludwig

Production: Laura Manz

PR: Simone Lutz

30. March – 1.April 2023/ 20:00 / HochX (Entenbachstraße 37, München)

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