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Morphologies | Tobias Staab, Nadja Sofie Eller & Friends

In their works, Tobias Staab and Nadja Sofie Eller investigate the nature of transformation and its social and emotional effects. Their spatial and video installations focus on the human body on the threshold between material presence and digital representation. From February 01 to 11 at the Muffatwerk

Thu 01 to Sun 11 February - Monday and Tuesday closed

Opening hours: Wed, Thu, Fri from 6pm - 10pm, Sat 2pm - 10pm, Sun 11am - 6pm

Supporting program: Fri 09.02. Muffat Digital Art invites Ravescape

The starting point is the physical engagement with dancers, with whom a movement vocabulary is developed that is then translated into digital form. The resulting images and videos repeatedly undergo virtual mutations in dialog with artificial intelligence, creating an uncanny space between organic wetware and algorithmic dreams.

The multichannel video work "Trans Corporal Formations (Morphogenesis Edit)", the installative revision of the performance "Autonomous Avatar" and the VR film "Dreams of Electric Sheep" (based on a story by Jorge Luis Borges, narrated by Sandra Hüller) will be shown as part of "Morphologies". In addition, Tobias Staab and Nadja Sofie Eller are developing new works especially for this context.

Tobias Staab works as a freelance artist, dramaturge and curator. His works, which he often develops in a collaborative practice with other artists, present themselves in a transdisciplinary field between music, dance, film and installation. Since 2020, Tobias Staab has been increasingly working with digital technologies together with Nadja Sofie Eller. In 2023 Tobias Staab became artistic director of the International DANCE Festival in Munich.

Nadja Sofie Eller works as a scenographer between theater, dance and video art. She has been working with Tobias Staab on various performances, films and installations since 2018. Her collaboration with choreographer Trajal Harrell for the dance production "The Romeo" was presented at the Cour d'honneur du Palais des Papes as part of the Avignon Festival in 2023. She is currently working with Johan Simons at the Burgtheater in Vienna.

The music and the sound installation for all the works in "Morphologies" were created by Munich composer and sound artist Beni Brachtel, with whom Staab/Eller have had a close artistic collaboration since "Trans Corporal Formations". Brachtel spatialized the original score of Autonomous Avatar in the 64-channel spatial sound system of the Bochum Planetarium. Brachtel works closely with director Ersan Mondtag, with three major productions in Germany, Austria and Italy planned for 2024.

In collaboration with Annika Lu Hermann (costumes, latex sculptures), Warja Rybakova (motion capturing, virtual camera), Luis August Krawen (3D design), Florian Schaumberger (camera), Black Pearl De Almeida Lima, Livia Gil, Andrea Mocciardini, Corey Scott-Gilbert, Dasniya Sommer, Evan Supple, Long Zou (dance) and Michael Saup (Timewarp Choreography).

Curator Dietmar Lupfer

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