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Puls der Gemeinschaft: Co-Existing Rhythms | Callie Arnold

9. Feb. 2023

The participatory dance performance "Pulse of Community: Co-Existing Rhythms" is a project by and with people who have experiences with depression and tell through their bodies about their search for community. From February 09 to 11 at the Pasinger Fabrik.

The performance shows a great diversity of perspectives and the dancers' sensitivity to creativity in shaping interpersonal relationships.

The question of what community means to the dancers is transformed into questions of rhythm: rhythms of connection, divergence, and coexisting differences. How do dancers keep their own rhythms alive even as they listen to the rhythms of others? How do they adapt rhythms for themselves? How do they witness and reflect others in their rhythms? How do they imagine the coexistence of different rhythms?

The audience joins the dancers on a journey celebrating and setting in motion an abundance of connection, autonomy, power, and stillness.

Choreographer & Artistic Director: Callie Arnold

Dramaturg: Veronika Wagner

Project Mentor: Ellen Steinmüller

Musicians:inside: Gina Salā & Maasl Maier

Photographer: Franz Kimmel

On the small stage of the Pasinger Fabrik

February 9, 2023, 7:30 p.m.

February 10 & 11, 2023, 8:00 p.m.

Admission 16 €, reduced 12 €

Tickets can be purchased from the beginning of January through the Pasinger Fabrik.

You can find more info at:

This production is supported by Tanztendenz München e.V. and sponsored by the Cultural Department of the City of Munich.

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