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skin hunger | Jasmine Ellis Projects

26. Mai 2023

What happens when no one touches? Has necessary physical distance put gas on the fire of us becoming an individualistic and disconnected society? On 26. & 27. of May at HochX

Society was deprived of contact. During the pandemic, "Don't touch!" was the order of the day, and to this day, the body of the other is considered a potential source of danger. Corona has turned the phenomenon called "skin hunger" or "touch starvation" into a global mass experiment: What happens when touch is absent?

In her eponymous ensemble piece skin hunger, Canadian choreographer Jasmine Ellis explores the effects of the lack of touch, intertwining the live elements of dance and music with the narrative quality of radio. In addition to the live performances in Germany, the project also includes a radio podcast by artist Johnny Spence in collaboration with CBC Canada's Ideas radio show.

In addition to the thematic bracket - touch - both works also connect directly. So Johnny Spence created the sound of Jasmine Ellis skin hunger - among others from collected interviews for his podcast (with social workers*/ artists*/ scientists* on the topic of "touch"). At the same time, elements and voices from the dance performance will be incorporated into the radio piece, just as voices from the podcast will be transformed into dance or stage text.

"a sensitive dance, text and music performance that touches emotionally in every moment."

(Theresa Grenzmann - Münchner Merkur, Sept. 24, 2021)

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