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Spiel im Spiel | Ceren Oran & Moving Borders

29. Sept. 2023

When children play, anything is possible. Objects are reinterpreted, and the stool can sometimes be a raft, a bridge or a tower. But how does a game continue? Who determines rules and decisions, and how do you deal with non-participation?
On 29 & 30 September and 01 & 02 October at HochX

When children play, anything is possible: the floor is made of lava, objects fly through the air, and everyday objects take on a whole new meaning. The stool is a raft, a bridge, a house, a tower. It stands on its head, lies on its side, stands on its feet... From an almost infinite selection of possibilities, new worlds with their own sets of rules emerge playfully, which are repeatedly changed, expanded, discarded.

But how does one game lead to the next? Who decides how it continues? Who makes the rules and how do you make the best decision? And what happens if someone doesn't want to participate?

Three dancers get involved in the "game within the game". And also to tear down the world they have just built and to follow new impulses. What was just a hat becomes a life-saving island in a stormy sea, where just a moment ago the ground was untouchable, now a big worm crawls across the stage. Who was small a moment ago becomes huge and flexes his muscles. Who just argued, now dances in unison. Play in play is a dance exploration of the possibilities of children's play and an invitation to shape it.

Tickets for the kindergarten and school performances on September 30 and October 2 are only available at Please send us a message with the desired number of tickets (including accompanying persons), the name of your institution and a number for queries.


Concept, artistic direction, choreography: Ceren Oran

Dance & Choreography: Jin Lee, Jihun Choi, Máté Asbóth

Music: Gudrun Plaichinger

Stage design: Sigrid Wurzinger

Dramaturgy: Anna Stegherr & Roni Sagi

Lighting design: Joannis Murböck

Artistic production management: Karolína Hejnová

Production management: Michael Hennig

PR: Simone Lutz

Further information and tickets are available here:

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