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THE LOVERS | Stephan Herwig

15. Juni 2023

Stephan Herwig's lovers are in fluid exchange. They are interwoven with each other, completely immersed in the physical.
Arms, legs, and torsos entwine and breathe like a single organism. Their bodies expand the boundaries of the self without losing their individuality.
Social roles leave them untouched. Nothing disturbs them from the outside; as if in a cocoon, they create a utopia of lived harmony. From June 15 to 17 at schwere reiter

"Perhaps a paradisiacal primal state of physical connection and touch, as people wish for it deep inside." Stephanie Metzger/BR Kulturwelt

Choreography: Stephan Herwig

Dance: Anima Henn, Alexandre May, Alessandro Sollima

Music: Ben Meerwein

Lighting Design: Michael Kunitsch

Costume: Lorand Lajos

Dramaturgical Advice: Maxwell McCarthy

Artistic Collaboration: Karen Piewig

Management: Angelika Endres, Jan Termin

PR: Beate Zeller

world premiere: September 24, 2021, schwere reiter


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