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Wusch, Zak, Puf! | Léonard Engel

13. Apr. 2024

Who hasn't dreamed of becoming invisible? Or to look bigger and stronger? Or even to be a completely different being?
In Wusch! Zak! Puf! How to Appear and Disappear, three green figures transform an empty stage into a landscape where they can let their dreams run wild. They bring bizarre creatures to life: There's the zebra that doesn't want to show itself; the peacock that tries to enchant us with its bright colors or the gentle moss giant that doesn't quite know what shape it wants to take at any given moment. On April 13 at the HochX Theater and Live Art

For Wusch! Zak! Puf! Tamara, Jemima and Léonard have developed choreographic material inspired by the camouflage behavior of various animal species. How would we move if we were a stick insect pretending to be a branch? How can we dissolve the shape of our body to make it look like another creature? How can we cross the stage without anyone even realizing we are there?

The play offers a joyful and poetic entertainment in which strange creatures keep appearing, transforming into new forms before your eyes and disappearing again. It's up to your imagination what amazing creatures you discover!

Further information and tickets:

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