Maged Mohamed - 7 years before

Copyright: Maged Mohamed/ Foto: Marco Kern


A short film by Maged Mohamed


In the period of 40s it often happened, that a man left his home and his family, because of his believing to bring stability to his country and for this reason also to his family in participating at something called war - and wining for himself courage and glory.
7 years before is a short film about the last hours before a husband or lover is leaving his girl behind, for changing his home for an unknown future.
The stories' perspective is from the female point of view. In the center point of this short film are the emotions and thoughts of this remaining day and of the moment of saying goodbye to each other.


The strong and overwhelming emotional landscape of this women is shown by the choreographer and director Maged Mohamed in his most concrete language, the language of the body called dance.
Maged Mohamed is impressed by this moment of such strong feelings and also by the thought, that this situation not only happened in the past: No, it is still happening every day to millions of women!


A film by Maged Mohamed
Danced and played by Ekaterina Petina, Cyril Pierre & Sofia Petina
Idea & Choreography: Maged Mohamed
Director: Maged Mohamed & Sonja Maria Kröner
Music: Niall Byrne 
Director of Photography: Julia Daschner
Editor: Frank Sippach
Re-recording mixer: Florian Schneeweiß
Colour Matching: Claudia Fuchs
Steadicam Operator: Niels Voges
Assistant Camera: Georg Nikolaus
On Set Recording: Marco Kern
Make-Up Artist: Elaine Silva Martins
Dance Costume Design: Louise Flanagan                                                                                     
Chief Electrician: Finn Gosch
Runner: Jonas Edele

Special thanks to Bettina Wagner-Bergelt for her kind and generous support.
Kindly supported by University of Television and Film Munich, the Bavarian State Ballet and Tanzbüro München.  




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"7 years before" wird in München erstmals während des Think Big! - Festival für junges Publikum  jeweils eine Stunde vor Beginn der Abendveranstaltungen im Festivalzentrum im Muffatwerk zu sehen sein!

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