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Emese Nagy, MA•ZE

Choreographer, Dancer, Teacher

Emese Nagy is a Hungarian choreographer / dancer / teacher. She is based in Munich, Germany. She graduated at the Contemporary department of the Hungarian Dance Academy. As a dancer, she has worked with companies and choreographers from Europe and from Israel, where she trained with the Batsheva Dance Company. She was awarded the title of Emerging choreographer at Springboard Danse Montreal 2018, a position she also held at La Biennale di Venezia 2020 and at Bolzano Danza 2022 in collaboration with Silvia Giordano (IT). She recieved the Bayern Innovativ Grant in München, Germany in 2022. In 2017 Emese cofounded 'MA•ZE' and now works as a freelance dance artist with choreographers such as Hiroaki Umeda, Yaniv Cohen, Victor Rottier,Sita Ostheimer,Adrienn Hód, Yaniv Avraham, Guy Shomroni, Jasmine Ellis, Jack Gallagher, Máté Mészáros and László Fül.p to name a few.

Her research project „Perfection Detox” seeks to redefine and question perfectionism by embracing imperfection and authenticity as pivotal elements of artistic expression.Revelation is often born out of error and we must give space for it too!

She aims to destroy context, history, music, dynamic, form and professionalism. To question why we ever prioritised a certain type of movement.

Humour and satire form the basis of her multidisciplinary work, which combines choreography, physical theatre and character work. Emese is not interested in traditional chronological narratives, bureaucracy, or working alone.

Emese Nagy, MA•ZE
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