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Inge Engel

DancePerformer, Choreographer, Lecturer, BodyCoach

She started dancing in the theater over 60 years ago. After her studies in sports, politics, sociology and social psychology, she participated in one of the first trainings in Biodynamic Body Psychotherapy and Massage.

Freelance, she has since developed her form of "body coaching" for individual work and "kompeTanzen", a dance and movement work with groups. What is meant is a dance that moves the whole person beyond the body.

She has been dancing in front of audiences again since 2006. She choreographs and creates dance performances on socio-political themes and visual art, preferably in public spaces, in nature and in special places. She has experience in several dance methods, several years with butoh dance. Improvisation and performance with the use of facial expressions are especially important to her. Humor also plays a role. Her dance is often described as expressive.

In 2015 she participated in the Open Studios at Tanztendenz, where she also had a research guest privilege. In 2019, she received a grant from the Department of Cultural Affairs on the topic of "Dancers Over 40," which she continues to work on.

The focus of her work is to explore how movement, body, feeling, thinking, language, places, (political) action and experience interact and their artistic expression.

Photo: Jochen Splett 5/22

Inge Engel
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