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Manfred Kröll

Choreographer, Organizer, Yoga Teacher

Manfred Jnanadev Kröll, born in Innsbruck in 1967, lives and works today as a freelance choreographer, organizer and yoga teacher in Munich.

In 1997 he founded his dance company protanz 2.13.

In his pieces he dissects the body on a structured physical level, combined with dense emotionality and strong empathy for the concerns in this world. A central point of his own choreographic work is the critical search for the meaning of the language of contemporary dance in a world full of change and crisis. In doing so, the chosen instrument is the expression and mirror of the intangible and intolerable daily acts. Manfred aims at networking and strengthening contemporary performance and dance art. In co-productions with various partners, interdisciplinary platforms have emerged and are increasingly emerging alongside his own choreographic work.

protanz is increasingly committed to the networking of different art forms and the dialogue between artists. His strength lies in bringing together different ideas to form a coherent picture and in supporting the artists. He is the organizer and choreographer of many formats that deal with current and/or hidden problems. Wilde Tendenzen, or WT for short, is the current series of events in which the invited artists take a position on social issues or borderline areas. The dance/performance platform Wilde Tendenzen was initiated in 2009 and has since been organized biennially in various Munich venues.

History WT (2009 - 2015)

#1: The 1st edition in 2009 titled you are missing addresses the loss of loved ones.

#2: The 2nd edition in 2011 was themed all about sex, showing choreographies in the field of tension between porn identity and charity.

#3: In issue 3 The future is now - talk about your revolution (2013) artists dealt with personal as well as global perspectives.

#4: Issue 4 H.E.L.P. (2015) addresses current crises and wars.

From September 2013 to July 2014 he worked at ON STAGE, a project for young refugees and led the choreography & movement department. Current productions are: Seelenecho, a piece in search of spirituality in western society and in preparation Sicht_bar, a piece about true freedom.

Manfred Kröll is a member of the Tanztendenz München e.V..

Manfred Kröll
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