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Rosalie Wanka

Dancer, Choreographer

Rosalie Wanka studied ballet at the Ballet Academy in Munich and at the Ballet School of the Vienna State Opera, as well as contemporary dance and dance education at the Anton Bruckner University in Linz and the IUNA Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In 2009 she founded the Cia. Quiero Ser Agua with her Argentine partner Cecilia Loffredo. With the 9 productions of the Compania, whose fundamental themes of interculturality and physical communication from a female perspective use contemporary dance and the Argentine Tango as a means of expression and language of movement, she toured Europe and South America until 2014.

Working as a freelance choreographer in Munich since 2015, Wanka continued to pursue the themes of interculturality, the female condition and intra-human communication in cross-disciplinary productions with musicians, visual artists, actors and writers.

She also works as a dancer and performer for various companies and choreographers at home and abroad.

Besides her artistic projects, Rosalie Wanka has participated in many formats of cultural exchange, due to her biography especially with Argentina and South America. She also teaches contemporary dance and Argentine tango to professionals and amateurs in Europe, South America and Asia. Her special interest in both disciplines is the transmission of precise technical knowledge and the creation of playful contexts to foster individual creativity and potential.

Rosalie Wanka
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