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Studio Furio - Tanzkollektiv

Dance Collective

Studio Furio follows the desire to experiment: the desire for an interdisciplinary exchange is the motor of an artistic practice that moves - beyond consensus and agreement - in relation to space, stage and audience. Through the collective working method of the participating artists, choreography, music, acting and text emerge in the process and as a reaction to each other. The various means and media thus enter into a playful dialogue with each other without ever explaining each other. Rather, their encounter generates a "more" in the production of meaning and opens up spaces for associative freedom, for everything that occurs between supposed dichotomies, such as language and body, individual and society, emotion and convention. A method with which Studio Furio explores phenomena of everyday life, individual states of being, as well as their socio-political contexts.

Participants: Dustin Klein (choreography, dance), Felix von Bredow (acting), Luis Lüps (acting), Anna Gschnitzer (text, dramaturgy), Simon Karlstetter (music), Louise Flanagan (costume), Matthias Lohscheidt (stage, lighting design), Claudio Ricci (production).


Studio Furio e.V. Eudard-Schmid-Str. 33 81541 Munich, Germany.

Studio Furio - Tanzkollektiv
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