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Andrea Marton

Dance Artist

Andrea Marton is a freelance dancer from Munich and works in various dance artistic, dance mediating and socio-cultural contexts. She is a member of the management team of Fokus Tanz, which she co-founded in 2016 as part of Tanzplan Deutschland to anchor dance in the school context. Here, she is responsible for the further training and support of dance mediators in school projects. Together with colleagues, she founded DanceOn60+ and Tanz inklusive! in 2019.

Furthermore, Andrea Marton is a founding member and board member of the Federal Association Aktion Tanz, which is a national and international network for dance in education and society.

Many of her participatory projects are intergenerational and diverse in orientation, inclusive. She seeks cooperation with shelters, the Münchner Tafel and other institutions on the social fringe.

Increasingly she goes with the projects into the public and informal space to make contemporary dance in its diversity socially visible.

Since 2019, together with Stephanie Felber, she has been realizing artistic and research projects in community contexts at informal locations and in public spaces under the label moving_spaces.

Since 2020 she explores different forms of dialogical mediation between analog, digital and hybrid.

Andrea Marton
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