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Paula Niehoff

Dancer, Choreographer

Paula is a contemporary stage dancer, choreographer and actress. After her preliminary training at Iwanson (Munich, Germany), she graduated with a Bachelor's degree from ArtEZ University (Arnhem, The Netherlands) in 2018.

Paula's artistic focus lies in the combination of dance and theater, the collaboration of acrobatic and isolated bodywork with theatrical elements, especially character development. She is fascinated by "raw stage presence" and has been researching performativity since she was a student. Her pieces are inspired by everyday situations, movements and emotions and are put into a poetic context and brought to the stage with great attention to detail.

She has been developing her choreographic work since 2020 in collaboration with Laura Saumweber (contweedancecollective) and Martha Kröger, among others, and presents her pieces across Germany in theaters, institutions such as schools and homes, and at festivals with a focus on intergenerational audiences. Her current full-length dance theater production "Ode to Things" premiered at Hoch X Theater Munich in April 2022. Her first and current solo work "Agatha" won the "Best dancer/performer 2022" award at the SoloDuoNRW Festival and is currently touring in Germany, Spain, Hungary, Belgium and the Netherlands.

As a dancer, Paula works in theaters and with companies in Germany and Spain (Theater Bonn, Cia. Nadine Gerspacher, Kammeroper Detmold, animi motus, Azimut Arts and Dance Ensemble, NEUER TANZ) as well as with freelance choreographers and directors (Caroline Finn, Ceren Oran, Bärbel Stenzenberger, Ruben Michael, Pascal Sangl). She regularly gives workshops in dance and performance for professional dance and theater professionals as well as for children and dance-loving adults and also works as an assistant opera director.

Own productions (selection): Ode an die Dinge Concept, choreography and dance: Paula Niehoff & Laura Saumweber

Co-direction & dramaturgy: Martha Kröger

Premiere: 29.04.2022 at Hoch X Theater & Live Art Munich

Guest performances: 20.05.2022 Kontaktfestival Bamberg, 12/13.06.2022 Roxy | Tanzlabor Ulm, 3./4.10.2022 KUFA Kulturfabrik Bamberg, 8.10.2022 Mikrotheater Studio11 Köln (supported by #takeheart - Wiederaufnahmeförderung, Kulturreferat der Landeshauptstadt München, Sparkassenstiftung Bamberg)

Link: Ode an die Dinge Agatha

Concept & Performance: Paula Niehoff

Premiere short version: 21.05.22 SoloDuoNRW

Premiere long version: 12.06.22 l'Altre Festival Barcelona Fabra i Coats

Guest performances: 24/25.09.22 Brussels Dance Contest

21/22.11.22 Dance Flavours Performance Night Arnhem

18-21.01.23 SzólóDuó Budapest

(sponsored by Dis-Tanzen Solo)

Link: Agatha Über die Dinge

concept, choreography and dance: Paula Niehoff & Laura Saumweber

dramaturgy: Martha Kröger

Premiere 23.06.2021 AWO Penzberg

Tour 2021: 25x in retirement homes & festivals in Munich, Cologne, Essen, Potsdam

Further dates 2022: Munich, Cologne and Aachen (sponsored by NPN-Stepping Out, Cultural Department of the City of Munich, Sparkassenstiftung Bamberg, Joseph und Luise Kraft Stiftung, Bürgerstiftung Fürstenfeldbruck)

Link: Über die Dinge

Engagements (selection):

Non-upgraded existence (2021-present)

Cia. Nadine Gerspacher

Link: Nuex

The Age of Aquarium (2019-present).

Cia. Nadine Gerspacher

Link: The Age of Aquarium

MEDEA (2020)

Chamber Opera Detmold

Link: Medea Further Information:

Instagram: @paula.niehoff

Facebook: Paula Niehoff

Paula Niehoff
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